Indeed, Breastfeeding is the Best Option – We have various reasons to back it up… Read further and you will know why I recommend families to opt for breastfeeding!

Most associations and medical institutions strongly recommend new mothers to opt-in for lactation. Yes, it is the best option if you are a new mom, and if you are able to produce enough amount of breast milk for your baby. In certain cases, you may have to look to an alternative option – bottle-feeding if:

  • You are suffering from medical conditions that do not allow you to breastfeed.
  • You are on certain medications that do not permit you to breastfeed.
  • You are unable to produce ample breast milk, even after trying different ways to increase breast milk production.

P. S.: You should always consult a lactation expert if you choose a different option other than breastfeeding.

BreastFeed Whatever is Possible, Later Supplement!

Breastfeeding is vital both for you and your babies, as well as ideal nutrition for your little one. It is baseless if I do not explore the benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and infants. Even if in a small amount, breastfeeding your baby can prove beneficial. Let’s understand the advantages of one-by-one in details:

Benefits of Breastfeeding – For Mothers!

The various benefits of breastfeeding that you can enjoy post-pregnancy include:

  • It helps you burn extra calories and lose pregnancy fat speedily.
  • It enhances oxytocin secretion that aids in your uterus getting back its normal size and shape.
  • It reduces after-birth uterine bleeding along with the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.
  • It decreases the overall risk of osteoporosis, back pain, breast lumps, and various other ailments.
  • It is a huge time and money saver, as you don’t have to invest in formula milk, feeding bottles, and sterilization.
  • It allows you to build up a bond with your new-born and take time off for relaxation with your baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding – For Babies!

Breastfeeding is associated with several benefits for your baby, which includes:

  • It provides all the nutrition that your baby needs to start growing with – a perfect mix of protein, fats, nutrients, and minerals.
  • It helps in easy digestion when compared to formula milk.
  • Antibodies present in breast milk allows your baby to fight against infections and viruses, enhancing the overall immune system.
  • It lowers the risks of allergies, asthma, illnesses, respiratory issues, ear infections, and diarrhea.
  • Breastfeeding increases physical closeness between you and your baby, which helps in creating a strong mother-baby bond and makes your baby feel safe and secured.
  • Your baby will gain the right amount of weight if breastfed. Studies show that formula milk stimulates fat cell production in babies more than breast milk, which may increase the chances of obesity in your baby.

If you ask me, yes, I would strongly recommend you to breastfeed your baby at least for the first six months. It is essential for her immune system and your overall well-being. So, if you are health-cautious, then yes, as a couple and family, you should choose to breastfeed your little munchkin.

The Concept of Bottle Feeding!

Bottle-Feeding can be done with two options – feeding breast milk and feeding formula milk. Using bottles for feeding should be circumstantial and you must understand why, how, and when you should choose these feeding options. Let’s understand each option in detail.

Feeding Breast Milk using a Bottle!

Lets me start with an example. My angel, Dhanak was only 45 days old when I had to go out for a very close social gathering; this is the first time when I choose to feed her with a bottle. It was definitely challenging to get her used to bottle-feeding; until then she was exclusively on breastfeeding and did not accept this artificial nipple as an alternative source of nutrition.

After a few trials, I choose this Mee Mee Premium Glass Bottle 120 ml; finally, it worked awesome for me. In just a week’s time, she got used to feeding with this bottle. Since then, I haven’t changed the brand; I am very happy with it. Cleaning and sterilizing are fast and easy. Although made of glass material, the bottle hasn’t broken once. So, the moral of my story is you may choose to bottle-feed your baby with expressed breast milk when, you want to either go out for a social gathering, or you want to go back to work after your maternity leave. You may also choose to feed your baby your expressed milk in your absence using a feeding bottle.

P.S. Remember to keep replace the nipple of the feeding-bottles after every 60 days.

Feeding Formula Milk using a Bottle!

I fed my daughter with only breast milk until she was six months old; however, I have come across many mothers who feed formula to their infants using feeding bottles. There are various reasons behind feeding formula:

  • You may not have enough breast milk supply.
  • You do not have stored/expressed breast milk for travel.
  • You are suffering from an ailment where you cannot breastfeed your baby.
  • You are on certain medications wherein you cannot breastfeed your infant.
  • You are facing post-pregnancy complications due to which lactation is just impossible.

Consult a lactation expert; he/she is the best person to guide you through the complete breastfeeding and lactation process. If you have low milk supply, your expert may suggest you certain medication or supplements to increase your breast milk supply. Alteration in food habits may also help you in increasing your breast milk supply. You can also increase your milk supply by expressing; use a breast pump to express and store your breast milk for future use.

So now that you know what’s good for your baby and you, it is simple to choose the best option for yourself when the question in your mind arises whether to breastfeed your baby or feed her with a bottle. Happy Motherhood!

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