It’s my baby showing up new signs and gestures every day! Yes, this has made me share my everyday experiences on Maternity, Motherhood, and Parenting.

Parenting has been a complete whirlpool effect for me! It has been a combination of various emotions – happiness, blessing, madness, anxiety, sickness, anger, and so much more. When I go back thinking where it all started, I realize that it all started from the very day I conceived. Yes, and this where I would like to start. Please have patience with me… I am going to share my experiences right from my conceiving date to how I have started tackling my toddler angle – Dhanak. Yes, this entire blog is going to revolve all around her. How she changed my life after I first felt her existence in my womb.

Sharing the Untamed Perfection!

Its the first time I am sharing my personal experiences of becoming a mother with the world, and yes, I feel a little nervous too. I don’t think I have already mastered momship, but I believe, motherhood is all about untamed perfection. The journey covers everything – the madness, the affection, the love, the warmth, the closeness, the possessiveness, and the entire roller coaster ride that all women dream to go about at least once in a lifetime. Maybe, this is why I am going to share my personal experiences and moments – good, bad, happy, sad, frustrating, annoying, crazy, and angry. This list can go on and on…

I would want to start from the very beginning, though! It all started from the month of December 2018, the first when I missed my chumps. This wasn’t PLANNED – we were planning to get pregnant, though I wanted to have a baby sometime in October 2019. We were a month early. I confirmed this pregnancy in the 5th week itself; somewhere inside me, I know what was happening and was happy too. I am sure you might have this question weaning in your head – Why October? There’s no logic; Milan’s (my husband) birthday falls in October, my bday falls in October. And so, I wanted my baby to have here birthday too in this awesome month.

The Beginning of Motherhood!

I already feel the joy and excitement once again of going back to those days, in my memories, when I checked myself positive for pregnancy! I was so… happy getting that positive result on the home-based pregnancy test; so was my husband. The next we did was making an appointment with a gynecologist. The first sonogram should me that little embryo, which was about to grow soon into a cute, little heartthrob of mine. It felt as fresh as smelling the fresh coffee; it was probably the happiest moment of my life, and I was living it at the edge. Both of us – Milan and me danced happily once we reached home; no sorry, now we were the three of us… How can I forget this little one inside me.

The experience of the first trimester differs from person to person; however, discussing the symptoms can heal most issues and fears that most would-be mothers experience, especially the first-timers like me. Keep tuning in to my blog for my next post on the First Trimester, the medicines and its benefits associated, and the experiences that I faced in those three months.

All I can say until today is Motherhood is indeed Magical! Oh Yes! And, Happy Mother’s Day!

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